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Movie Rentals at Home 

A great value, and a terrific way to spend quality family time at home.


If you're open to documentaries and international films, you will also surely deepen your knowledge and understanding of the rich diversity of our global community.  For suggestions on films that powerfully touch upon differents aspects of quality of life, visit our "Resources:Books/Films" page to the left.  
Find out more about movie rentals at  There are several other online options, including Amazon Video and Hulu for rentals at very reasonable prices.


Wellness For Less 

If your family is like ours, we enhance our healthy eating with vitamins and supplements.  You can purchase them for less here:


*  More than 400 mcg of folic acid per day (easy to consume if you're taking a supplement + eating fortified cereals/nutrition bars) has been linked to significant increases in colon, lung and prostate cancers.  One strategy: Use a pill splitter or serrated knife to cut your B-Complex vitamin in half, which will save money as well.

*  Keep your intake of vitamin E to 400 IU daily, as higher doses have been linked to a shorter life span, blood thinning, and a higher risk of lung cancer. 

For more information, visit

Delay or Avoid Expensive Wood Refinishing

You can wipe out furniture and floor scratches with an almond stick.  My first one lasted over 15 years!
Purchase here:


*  There's a clever new book out detailing 869 tips on how to "repurpose" common household items.  Examples: Use rubbing alcohol to remove permanent marker from countertops and walls.  Slice a tennis ball in half and use it to open stubborn jar lids.  More information here: 
The AAA agency has a prescription savings program where members can save an average of 20-24% on select Rx's at select pharmacies.
Details available at:

Save Significant Money on College Textbooks
and Do Something Good for the Environment

In our current economic downturn, the financial burden of expensive college textbooks is more than some students and their families can bear.  Consider renting at  Not only can you save money, but shipping is quick, and Chegg plants a tree for every book you rent, sell, or buy.

Real-Life Success Story

A University of California student researched the costs for 2 books, and then went with Chegg rentals:

* A Psychology book used through the school: $96.75.  On Chegg: $10.70.  
  Savings: $86.05  (small shipping fee extra).

* A Human Genome book used through the school: $120.  On Chegg:  $65.  
  Savings: $55.00  (small shipping fee extra).

The quality of your or your student's education is precious, but it shouldn't break the bank.  Plus, the systematized re-use of books and Chegg's tree-planting policy benefit our environment.


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