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Diane Balmer & Quality of Life News 

Born and raised in Manhattan until age 14, Diane has been a San Francisco Bay Area resident since 1970.  A Comparative Literature major from the University of California at Berkeley, she now possesses over 40 years experience in Communications and Marketing.  In addition, Diane is a deeply dedicated partner, parent and student of life, always seeking to expand her worldview, empathy, and versatility. 

In 2007, two years after the suicide of her mother, Diane published a non-fiction book entitled Inspirations for Thriving in Our Troubled World which ultimately became the initial foundation of this website.  The goal of the book and the website is to share a passion for quality of life with regard to ongoing research in the fields of sociology, psychology, environmentalism, philosophy, interpersonal relations, health, and spirituality.  It is her sincerest hope that Quality of Life News informs visitors how to begin or continue influencing significant changea form of social activism on a personal and familial levelone positive thought and action at a time.  

"What a great sweep of life issues, information, and wisdom [on your website]."
— Phyllis K., San Anselmo, CA



NOTE:  The information will be most expansive when used in combination with any single product or service offered.


Diane Balmer
Founder & Publisher

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