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Book: Inspirations for Thriving in Our Troubled World

91 pages with several full-color images including a special "Films with Thematic Tie-ins" section


This non-fiction piece published in 2007 represents a unique guidebook for how to influence significant change—a form of social activism on a personal and familial level—one positive thought and action at a time.  It does so by weaving together quotations from notable authors like Stephen R. Covey, Daniel Goleman, Duane Elgin, Gloria Steinem, Nelson Mandela and many others, with contextual commentary regarding paradigm shifts that any one of us can make at any time. 

Some of the thought-provoking topics include:

*  Circularity as a life approach
*  The maturity continuum
*  Relational aggression
*  Emotional intimacy
*  The 6 types of violence
*  Victimism vs. free choice
*  Gratitude as a key to happiness
*  Material moderation & spiritual abundance
*  The commercialism of love
*  Combating excess
*  Chivalric devotion revisited
*  Honoring our loved ones
*  Honoring nature
*  The "Universal Human Component"
*  Intentionality
*  Your 15 personal rights, & others  

By integrating several pivotal concepts into an organic and reflective treatise, this concise book
empowers us to transform what is most important in our lives and the world.

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"I loaned your book to a colleague and it changed her life!"
— Carolyn L., San Rafael, CA

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