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Transforming the Ultimate Loss into Positive Action & Hope
Late in her life, my mother was misdiagnosed with depression.  Only after her suicide did we find out that the more accurate diagnosis was bipolar disorder.  So the medication she'd been taking for years was wrong, even counterproductive to what actually ailed her. 

Starting decades earlier, there was a pattern of very disturbing behavior.  Had my father, brother, and I insisted on some group therapy despite my mother's refusal, perhaps our family would not have unraveled as it did.  Had we known what we were really looking at for all those years—and the complex risks inherent in bipolar disorder—the outcome might have been very different.   

Piecing together the puzzle and how to best move forward after her passing has been a profound journey.  Apart from the obvious painful questions, there were many more that would quite literally redefine my life and goals.

I asked myself...
*  How can I transform this loss and mourning into new insights and actions? 
*  How can I use this experience to help others and enrich my current relationships?
*  Will I make something good and fruitful come from tragedy? 
*  How will I dedicate myself to engendering positivity over negativity, knowledge over fear, creation over destruction?

My mother committed suicide in 2005 at the age of 78.  In 2007, I published a non-fiction book entitled Inspirations for Thriving in Our Troubled World.  This became the initial foundation for launched in late 2009.  The goal of the book and the website is to share a passion for quality of life with regard to ongoing research in the fields of sociology, psychology, environmentalism, philosophy, interpersonal relations, health, and spirituality.  It is my sincerest hope that Quality of Life News informs visitors how to begin or continue influencing significant change—a form of social activism on a personal and familial level—one positive thought and action at a time.  My overarching mission is to pull together the threads of enlightened, visionary, and empathetic thinking into a centralized resource for positive action.  The ultimate goal is fully integrated quality of life. 

Vital to the above growth process is the ability to:
*  Confidently connect the dots of cause and effect through 8 key areas in our daily lives
*  Truly understand how deeply interconnected everything is 
*  Master the capacity to make whatever strategic shifts we want, small or large, to maximize quality of life for ourselves and the people we care about 
*  Be empowered with new wisdom that leads to informed and transformative action

If one is able to embrace and sustain paradigm shifts, that growth may even save a relationship, a dream, or a life.  In my heart, I believe these goals are an inspiration worth pursuing.



My Mother when she was 54


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