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Achieving Quality of Life Immediately & Long-Term 

Our premise regarding how we can best serve our readers centers around the concept that quality of life is:

*  Less about the material and more about the depth of who we are as people, and how we interact with family, friends and colleagues, our global community, and the natural world around us.  

*  Absolutely essential for each and every chapter of our liveschildhood, young adulthood, middle age, and our rich senior years.

Then how do we create and sustain the highest quality in our relationships, health, spirit, and our physical environment? 

We do so by: 

*  Gaining and applying knowledge so that we're empowered to make the best, most mindful, and most informed decisions possible.  

*  Valuing the fundamental interconnectedness of all the aspects of our lives, of wide-ranging social thought, and within the world at large. 


Only then, can we truly achieve an 'Integrated Quality of Life' that endures and grows in the face of personal, cultural and global challenges.

*  Ideas worth spreading are ones that are Relevant, Important, Uncomfortable, Challenging, and those that represent Other Points of View. [Paraphrased from Eli Pariser, TED2011 Conference] 
*  It seems that the most chronically unhappy people are those who take no personal accountability for their own actions and happiness, but instead blame others and are self-professed 'victims'.
*  Healthy personal boundaries and a collaborative spirit are critical.
*  Interpersonal competiveness and controlling behaviors work against a healthy partnership.
*  If we honor each relationship from a foundation of fair play, justice, truthfulness, respect, and empathy, the outcomes are profoundly positive.
*  WISDOM: Deep understanding of what is true or right + optimum judgment = positive action and growth. 

Connecting the Dots & Piecing Together the Puzzle


It is the passion of Quality of Life News to empower you to:

Stay focused and informed about developments in 8 key QOL areas Relationships & Family, Home as Sanctuary, Wellness, Red Flags, Spiritual Growth, Nature / Eco, Social Responsibility, and QOL on a Budget 

*  Receive valuable tips and tools you need to increase your personal and your family's quality of life starting today

Feel inspired to engage in fruitful social discourse and enhance conscious living

*  Expand beyond what's available on this site with 3 valuable services, two of which are totally personalized for you

Save significant time by easily accessing QOL information carefully compiled from national and local newspapers, many noteworthy authors who are experts in their fields, national magazines, and more  

Once you've begun to confidently connect the dots of cause and effect in your daily life with new information and wisdom, then you can choose to make whatever shifts you wantsmall or largeto maximize quality of life for yourself and your loved ones.    


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