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The Universal Human Component     

Not unlike individuals and families dealing with disorders that set in motion long-range and far-reaching negative results, we are all grappling with unhealthy attitudes that have dramatically impacted how American society deals with its ill and disabled citizens.  Universal Health Care practiced in such countries as the United Kingdom, Canada, Italy, Cuba and others actually rewards physicians and various providers for extending accessible, inexpensive care and effective preventive strategies. 

The message that is sent to individuals is one of deep support and humanity, what I’d like to dub “The Universal Human Component.”  After all what are we without our humanity?  What is a society without it? 

In Michael Moore’s film Sicko, he addresses just these issues.  Watching the documentary was the first time that I was ashamed to be an American, ashamed of our judgmental, discriminatory, and punitive system by which people are made to feel ‘less than’, like criminals, or coldly rejected because of a health condition.  What about empathy?  What about our moral compass and core ethical responsibilities?

NOTE: Text for this left column above is excerpted from the book: "Inspirations for Thriving in Our Troubled World."  See the Products page of this website for more information.

About Performing HANDS-ONLY CPR, The American Heart Association Says:
"Don't be afraid.  Your actions can only help." 

The AHA has intentionally simplified CPR so that more people will feel confident to help someone in a cardiac emergency.  Learn more about this lifesaving action. 
* A short video is available 

Warning signs of heart attack

* Also, the American Heart Association is now recommending strict limitations on addictive and toxic added sugars intake to prevent chronic illnesses like heart disease and diabetes

The Impacts of Sleep Deprivation Are Dramatic

Sleep deprivation results in serious consequences according to the following article on WebMD:
*  Memory problems
*  Depression
*  Weakening of your immune system / increased chance of illness
*  Heightened perception of pain

Most disturbing perhaps is the fact that sleep-deprived drivers are as impaired or worse than intoxicated drivers.

Find out all the facts.

How to get the most out of your daytime Power Naps.

The Quality of Your Work Life & How It Impacts Wellness

Let's face it, where and how you work have a large impact on your overall wellness and state-of-mind.  You might be an experienced professional trying to determine a career shift, or a college student starting an initial career plan.

No matter which you are, CareerCast has published a 2021 rankings for 200 job types taking into consideration (a) physical demands, (b) work environment, (c) income, (d) stress, and (e) hiring outlook.

Definitely worth a 
read, and there are many surprises.

STRESS & YOUR BODY from The Washington Post




Good health is determined just as much by emotions and the people in our lives as it is by physical fitness.  Find out how to build a 'culture of good health'.

*  According to a new 2014 UK studies, giving up smoking improves all facets of mental health.

*  Details about the USDA's new "MyPlate" program (replaced the Food Pyramid).


* People on a low-fat diet boost their mood, experiencing less confusion, anger, and depression.

* The latest Surgeon General's report on tobacco smoking cites the most health risk evidence to date, even for occasional social smokers and secondhand smoke.  Learn about the 7,000 chemicals, 'immediate poisoning', heart attacks, and more.

*  There are 3 methods of breast self exam.  Choose the one that's right for you.

Drinking enough water is critical not only to digestive health, but also to circulation/
heart health, and mental health.

Poor oral health can result in bacteria getting into your bloodstream and harming major organs.
The oral / overall health issue impacts our pets too.

*  A new 
book is out entitled "American Idle: A Journey Through Our Sedentary Culture" that addresses our overactive minds, underused bodies, how physical activity impacts the adult brain, and offers a road map to 'physical grace'.  

"Quick bites of food for thought and soul, that's what Quality of Life News is for me. I get more pep in my step, lightened heart, breath awareness in the moment. Slow food and Quality of Life News at meal times is good too...It'll get you over the rough bumps in the road, for sure."
— Eric B., Sebastopol, CA

7 Lifestyle Factors That Cause Alzheimer's

Of these presented at an international conference in France July 2011, the first 4 are in order of highest risk:

*  Low education (less opportunity to develop "brain power" that can carry you into old age)
*  Smoking
*  Too little exercise
*  Depression (especially untreated or inadequately treated)
*  Diabetes
*  Obesity
*  High blood pressure in mid-life

More details from the 
article by Marilynn Marchione.

Fighting the Effects of Seasonal Light Deprivation          

Photobiologist Dr. John Nash Ott once coined the term "malillumination" to encompass the significant impacts of seasonal light deprivation.  The decrease of the full wavelength spectrum found in sunlight results in a shift in the biological rhythms of the human body.  This causes such dramatic phenomena as anxiety, hostility, fatigue, over-sleeping, hair loss, suppressed immune functioning, strokes, and depression.  The bodily imbalances may even affect the absorption of important nutrients.

Research over the last two decades speaks to the ability of "Light Therapy" to be a viable source of healing.  Even the relatively simple replacement of lamps in your home or office could make a real difference.

More information is available:



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