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A Unique Resource to Power Your Integrated Quality of Life 

Imagine one corner of the web that brings together some of the most significant concepts from some of the most insightful thinkers and activists.  Luminaries like Stephen R. Covey, Duane Elgin, Daniel Goleman, Gloria Steinem, Cicero, Desmond Tutu, Nelson Mandela, and more.  

Here at the Quality of Life News website, you can experience their fundamental truths and the profound interconnections between them.  Within contextual commentary, you will also see the ties linking past and present, the intersections of various disciplines, as well as global impacts.  Find all of this in a framework that spans and integrates 8 key QOL areas Relationships & Family, Home as Sanctuary, Wellness, Red Flags, Spiritual Growth, Nature / Eco, Social Responsibility, and QOL on a Budget.  

Empower yourself now to confidently connect the dots of cause and effect in your daily life with new wisdom that leads to informed and transformative action, one step at a time.  That growth may even save a relationship, a dream, or a life.

If You've Ever Thought...

I wish I had:

*  Known ______ then, so that things would have turned out differently 

*  Fully considered the impacts of my actions ahead of time 

*  Reflected more carefully about each choice that put me where I am today
*  Been more consistently empathetic while fairly assessing what will be the greatest good for the largest number of people 

Then Quality of Life News will inspire you today, and into the future.

If You're One of the Over 130 Million "Cultural Creatives" Internationally...

Then Quality of Life News will resonate with you.

The core values that intrinsically drive a Cultural Creative's behavior are:
*  Authenticity, actions are manifestations of words and beliefs
*  Engaged action and whole process learning, viewing the world as fully interconnected
*  Activism and idealism
*  Ecology and globalism
*  The importance of women
*  Spirituality, self-actualization

*  Altruism

For information about specific characteristics of the Cultural Creative, please visit the Character section on our website's 
Spiritual Growth page.

In Honor of Stephen R. Covey, 10/24/1932 - 7/16/2012

In his book The 8th Habit, Mr. Covey eloquently and lovingly speaks about the family:

"Perhaps the highest way to bring balance to life is the family.  The first and most demanding form of personal growth also takes place in the family and provides the greatest contribution to society...The most important work you do in your life will be within the walls of your own home.  David O. McKay taught, 'No other success can compensate for failure in the home'...Parenthood is the most important leadership responsibility in life..."

Mr. Covey also asserts the importance of having a clear vision leading to a positive 'family culture' that in turn is transmitted from generation to generation.  Words of wisdom, to be sure.

Wisdom's Net


The mission of Quality of Life News is to pull together the threads of enlightenedvisionary, and empathetic thinking into a centralized resource for positive action.  The symbol of the net conveys a diverse joining together with a view to the hopeful possibilities beyond. 

Actionable, Valuable Information 

In addition, we are committed to providing the latest news, international research, and tips — some on this site, much more if you choose to subscribe to our QOL Power Pack™ monthly news clipping service — all of it actionable. 

Make knowledge your power with helpful facts and insights 
that will holistically mesh together to inform change, minimize 'distracted living', and enhance your overall life. 


"Your website is wonderful. It's so beautifully laid out and rich in content. A work of art. Keep up the good work!"
— Jack O., Corte Madera, CA

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